Wednesday, August 18, 2004

Mental Health Day!

I finally had enough. The final straw occurred yesterday afternoon (post blogging) when I learned I did something wrong via the chain of command. Since I literally had no training prior to taking this managerial job, and was shoved into the shark-invested pond head first - well - I lost it. I mean, I really lost it. Something I have haven't done on the job since my food service days when some a-hole came into the restaurant and took out his miserable existence on me.

But that's neither here nor there.

So I had a meeting this morning at the administration building, and I called my library to make sure nothing had blown up, no dead bodies were left over night etc. When they said, "Everything's fine!" I said, "Good - I'm going home." I called my boyfriend hard at work and said, "Hey, want to go out for lunch?" He said, "Sure," and now I'm home - basking in the glow of alone time and The Beatles White Album.

The abandoned car is still in the staff parking lot, but has since been ticketed. I'm thinking of making it the library mascot and naming it "Dewey." This is what happens when I get punchy - I start going goofy.

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