Thursday, August 5, 2004

I've been away for a few days - so let's get back on track by talking books!

I was able to wrap up another smutty read by Emma Holly earlier in the week - In The Flesh. An erotica novel first published in 2000, I just now got my hands on it thanks to the joys of reprinting. It's a serious contender for my "favorite Emma Holly," as while it lacks the total smuttiness of say, Cooking Up A Storm, it has a more mainstream feel to it.

In The Flesh features a heroine who is a master manipulator, a Japanese-American business man, and his bisexual, former sumo wrestler bodyguard. The conflict is strictly character driven, with all the characters involved not always being "nice" people. I liked that the heroine used sex to manipulate, the hero wrestled with his desire for her to "change," and that the bodyguard had secret unresolved romantic feelings. I also enjoyed all the Japanese stuff that Holly throws in - it gave the novel a more exotic feel, and added to the hero's conflict. All in all, a highly recommended read for those of you who enjoy smut.

I've also been remiss in not mentioning a new author discovery - for me at least - Tess Gerritsen. Why am I just now discovering this woman?! I picked up The Surgeon on audio and devoured it. It featured a great suspense thread, a creepy serial killer, interesting "good guys" and plenty of gore. I swing wildly with my mystery reading, and every now and then I just need some blood and guts. Gerritsen is probably the bloodiest writer I've read since Patricia Cornwell - and I'm currently listening to the sequel, The Apprentice. Fantastic stuff.

I should be able to finish up my latest read on my day off tomorrow - West Of Heaven by Victoria Bylin. This is the second western romance from Bylin and so far it's pretty good. The hero is a disagreeable hermit thanks to a past tragedy; but the arrival of a newly widowed woman, whose husband had plenty of secrets, shatters his quiet solitude.

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