Wednesday, August 11, 2004

Have you hugged a librarian today?

I had the day from hell yesterday, and since a good number of folks seem to think that librarians don't do anything other than read at work all day, I thought this story would help to enlighten, as well as educate.

It all started out when I discovered a big pile of feces in our parking lot. I'm assuming it was human, given the size of the dump - unless there are suddenly grizzly bears roaming the cities of Southern California. So I got to call the city, and they were kind enough to send someone out to clean it up. We still have used condoms turning up in the parking lot - I hope fecal matter isn't going to be a new trend.

Then I discovered a cockroach in a cardboard box sitting in my office. Yuck! So I carefully carried the box to the dumpster.

But that isn't the worst of it. How can it get worse after feces and a cockroach you ask? I was sitting here at my computer, typing up an e-mail when all the sudden the biggest, blackest spider I have ever seen drops from the ceiling directly in front of my face! I hate spiders anyway - but this sucker was huge! I screamed and ran out of office. Let's just say everyone in the library snapped to attention after they heard that. My intrepid library clerk then came into my office and beat the hell out of Mr. Spider with a magazine.

It was a traumatic day. Since there isn't a restaurant close by that serves Jack Daniels for lunch - I opted for a turkey pot pie and slice of cheesecake from Marie Callander's. The cheesecake did help, but I'm still recovering from my brush with death.

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