Sunday, August 15, 2004

After Feces And Insect Invasion Week 2004, I was really looking forward to Friday. That's right, I finally got around to spending that spa gift certificate my boyfriend got me for my birthday!

It was heaven on Earth.

Here was what I had done over the course of the entire day (10AM - 6PM to be exact).

  1. An oil wrap
  2. A full body massage
  3. A facial
  4. A pedicure
  5. A manicure
I have to say the highlights were the oil wrap, massage, pedicure and manicure. I was marginally disappointed in the facial - only because I expected there to be more to it. If you have the means, I cannot recommend the oil wrap and massage enough. Both were done back to back, in a 2 hour period. I swear I was walking around like a drugged woman for a good hour afterwards.

I also highly enjoyed the pedicure and manicure. I'm a nail biter by trade, and somehow the manicurist (who was from Michigan - like how cool is that?) made my nails look great. Hell, even my feet look cute - and who thought that was possible? Both toe and fingernails are painted this pearly shade of pink. I feel so darn girly.

For those of you that have been keeping an eye on Hurricane Chuckles - my younger sister managed to survive the onslaught from her newly purchased Winter Park/Orlando home. Luckily her home saw little damage (a small downed tree in her front yard was it), although she says most of the area looks like something out of a war zone. She told her fiance (who is working on his PhD down there) that she wants out of "the swamp" ASAP. She can't handle the storms or the cockroaches. I can't say I blame her.

In other news - the Buffalo Bills play their first preseason game tonight against the Denver Broncos. I wasn't terribly impressed with what Buffalo did in the draft this year, but it's always interesting to take a look at the rookies every year. After the debacle of last season, I'm hoping for better things - mainly an offense that isn't a one trick pony.

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