Wednesday, July 7, 2004

Yes! I've still got it goin' on.

I was hit it on - sort of. My children's librarian at work has a 21-year-old son home on leave (he's in the military and darn if I can remember what branch now). Anywho this fine lookin' young man with a haircut you could bounce a quarter off of apparently expressed interest in me to his mother (his exact words were I lacked the "ring of death" on my left hand and I smiled at him).

After informing him that I was too old for him and living with my boyfriend, the matter was dropped. (And for the record, I'm only 28).

Cripes, I love younger men. I've dated older guys and guys my own age, but heaven help me I just love the younger ones the best. They tend to be sweeter, nicer, and frankly have less baggage. The chances of them having been screwed over by another woman is slim, and they're not nearly as set in their ways. Oh hell, I'll just admit it - they're so darn cute!

So it's kind of nice to know I still got the touch when it comes to younger guys. Hell, it's nice to know I'm still breathing. I haven't been hit on in so long I was starting to forget what it was like.....

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