Monday, July 19, 2004

Well lookie here - Blogger has added text color and other goodies.  It also appears that I can now post images on my free account, although it looks like I need to download software to do so.  That little experiment will have to wait then until I blog from my home computer.


It's Monday so that means back to work.  I actually wandered into work in a good mood today, although that was quickly dampened when I realized I don't get paid enough.  The realization hit me when a young boy came to the library today with his mother and had an "accident."  In the grand scheme of things, it wasn't too bad - but yours truly had to clean it up the excess.  Thank heavens for rubber gloves is all I got to say.  The stains on the carpet and one of our chairs is going to have to wait for our cleaning crew though.


I also finished a good western today.  The Courting of Widow Shaw by Charlene Sands features a fabulously delicious Beta hero, although the heroine takes some time to warm up to.  Glory Shaw's home is in flames, her worthless husband has been stabbed to death, and she's been beaten to near unconsciousness.  When Steven Harding happens upon this scene he also notices Glory holding a bloody knife in her hand.  Having always admired her from afar, he also feels indebted to her since her preacher father died saving the life of his mother - a madam who owns a local brothel.  So he spirits Glory away and hides her in the one place no one will ever look for her - his mother's brothel of course!


Glory is naturally dismayed to discover that Lorene Harding's son rescued her and stashed her in a brothel.  Glory has been working to shut the brothel down, blaming it's existence and Lorene Harding on her father's death.  But she's in a tight situation given she cannot recall the night of the fire.  Did she murder her husband?  And if she didn't, who did?


Steven is so sweet and caring I wanted to rip him out of the pages and take him home to meet my mother.  While he doesn't realize he's doing any such thing, his wooing of Glory is tender to the point of being painfully romantic.  Glory starts out a bit shakier because I had issues with her behavior early on, but her transformation over the course of the story won over my cynical heart.  A nice read.


Next up is The Immortal Highlander by Karen Marie Moning.  I should state up front that I loathed the previous book in this series, The Dark Highlander.  The hero had one emotion (erection) and the heroine was as dumb as a sack of bricks.  TIH has won me over thus far though because in the first chapter the hero is annoyed by the insistent crying of the the heroine from TDH.  Since I was annoyed with her as well, I could relate.  And so far the heroine of TIH sounds promising - a law student who can "see" mythical fairies.  I just started it though, so the jury is still officially out. 

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