Monday, July 12, 2004

I never dedicate blog entries, but I'm breaking form here to acknowledge the fabulous Paula Danziger who passed away last week. The Cat Ate My Gymsuit was one of my favorite books when I was in junior high, and while published in the mid-1970s, it's still widely read to this day. Brava sister!

Now onto leftover birthday news - Gawd, I love my boyfriend. I really do. You know what this fabulous man did for me? Not only did I get a big bouquet of a flowers and a dinner out at a fancy restaurant - I got a gift package to a local spa! Yours truly gets to soak up a body wrap, full body massage, a manicure and a pedicure. I can hardly stand waiting, but my schedule won't free up for a couple weeks still.

I also just finished the most wonderful book - Feel The Heat by Kathryn Shay. A Harlequin SuperRomance from 1999, it tells the story of a female firefighter and the handsome businessman she rescues. Our hero is instantly captivated, but our heroine is more wary. She's blue collar and he's blue blood. However he ultimately wears down her defenses and a very realistic romance ensues. But will they be able to overcome their baggage and her dangerous profession to find their way to happily-ever-after?

Shay has this knack for creating believable characters - not just her main protagonists, but an entire cast of players. When I read one of her books I feel like I know these people. I also like the fact that she tends to write her stories with Western New York settings - damn if it doesn't almost make me homesick for my college days.

Next up is book two in this series (America's Bravest) - The Man Who Loved Christmas.

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