Monday, June 7, 2004


The Detroit Pistons held the LA Lakers to 75 points and actually won Game 1 of the NBA Finals.

For the sake of fair disclosure I should state that I'm not an NBA fan. In fact, the reasons why I'm not an NBA fan are best illustrated by the Lakers - a "team" of high-priced primadonnas who whine, moan, and wouldn't now how to play like a team if Phil Jackson held a gun to their heads.

I also miss the short-shorts - but that's neither here nor there.

So good job boys! You made this Michigan gal proud last night!

In reading news, I finished up two books this weekend, the first being Ninja Soccer Moms by Jennifer Apodaca. Besides having the best damn title ever, it's also book 3 in a series featuring amateur sleuth Samantha Shaw.

I then finally got around reading some smut on loan from my sister - Something About Workmen by Alison Tyler. Despite the fact that it featured an engaged heroine cheating with a hunky construction worker - I rather liked it. It probably has the distinction of being the best written erotica I've ever read. Tyler writes the story like a screen play (the heroine is a script doctor) and employs some tricks, such as flash backs, to tell her story. And while it takes some time to get to the really good nookie scenes, when they do come (no pun intended), it's pretty hot stuff.

Emma Holly is still my favorite Black Lace author - but Tyler is looking like a safe runner-up.

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