Monday, June 28, 2004

I've been feeling punky since last week, with this weekend being particularly bad. I was scheduled to work Saturday, and since we tend to have a skeleton crew for the weekend, I hauled myself out of bed and dragged my sorry butt into work. I lasted two hours.

As for what's exactly wrong with me, that's anyone's guess. Part of it is my ongoing digestive issues, and another big chunk is the sheer joy of being a young woman (read in between the lines with that one if you dare). I feel better today, but still not quite right.

I finally finished up Jane's Warlord by Angela Knight over the weekend and really enjoyed it. The hero is a Warlord (think Navy SEAL times 7000) who travels back in time to 21st century South Caroline to protect the heroine (a reporter) from a time traveling serial killer. In between hunting the bad guy down, there's oodles of steamy, raunchy, naughty reindeer games - all of which are very well written *wink*.

Even after factoring in a big ole' loose thread in the plot, I still ended up enjoying it immensely. The author's next book is due out at the end of the year, and I can hardly wait.

I'm currently working on a rather short (244 pages) mystery - Last Writes by Laura Levine. The heroine is a writer who's just landed a job on a third rate syndicated sitcom. However, the players would be more at home on a soap opera. The two-timing (or is that three-timing?) hunky star is soon to get whacked over his playboy ways - which means murder is afoot! So far it's been fun.

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