Wednesday, June 16, 2004

If I had been confident like my older sister I could be rolling around naked in a pile of money right now.

I'll admit it. I thought the Pistons were going to be humiliated. I really did. Visions of a sweep were dancing in my head. Shows how little basketball I watch doesn't it?

My older (and very pregnant) sister called me last night right after the final game and said, "So did you win any bets?" What was I thinking? I wasn't - or else I would have called my friendly neighborhood bookie. Just think of all the Lakers fans I could have fleeced!

And this goes to show what a true all-around Michigan fan my sister is - she was saying all along "Detroit will win - but they'll need all 7 games." Well she had it half right - which is more than I can say for...well...just about everyone else.

It's funny now to hear all the commentators scrambling to cover their butts. The same people who said the Lakers were a lock and Detroit had no chance in holy heck are now spouting off about what a great team Detroit it. How awesome their defense is. How well they play together as a "team." There's a novel concept for a team sport - playing as one unit instead of a bunch of whiny overpriced superstars.

I'm so proud of Motown today - especially since I haven't seen any news about Detroit burning overnight.....

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