Wednesday, June 30, 2004

I love it when my boys get good press! The Detroit Tigers have won 5 in a row, are 3 below 500, and only 5 games back in the AL Central. And for you naysayers who feel that the AL Central is the weakest in baseball (OK - I'll admit, it probably is) a big ole' raspberry to you. After last year, Tigers fans need all the good news we can get.

It's not all joy in Mudville though - the man in my life is a Toronto Blue Jays fan - and well, it's been ugly for them this year. Of course having the New York Skankies, Boston Red Sox, and the hot Tampa Bay Devil Rays in your division certainly doesn't help matters.

My favorite TV show of the moment started it's second season last week - and I watched episode 2 of Nip/Tuck last night. Gawd, I love this show - even if the plastic surgery scenes seem a bit more plentiful and gory this season (maybe that's just me though). My only quibble is Dr. Sean's son Matt. Is it just me or is this actor creepy? He reminds me of Michael Jackson without the hole in his face where his nose used to be. Don't believe me? Why not check out the cast of characters at the show's web site?

My health issues seem to be getting better, although my stomach has been slow to recover. I've been chugging water the last couple of days hoping that would help flush out my system - and it seems to be working a bit. I think I just need to get in a couple days of extreme laziness to make a full recovery.

Not much to report on the reading front. I just started Five Days In Summer by Kate Pepper yesterday, and frankly - it's too early to offer any sort of commentary.

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