Friday, May 21, 2004

Yeah - Happy Day Off To Me!

I got up at an obscene hour this morning (5:45AM when you don't have children is obscene in my book), so I've spent the morning puttering on the computer. Did a brief update at my web site, and added a couple of links to the Blogs I Read section over here.

On the agenda today - cleaning the apartment (yuck), doing laundry (double yuck), a few errands, and hopefully some reading.

I really shouldn't bitch about the laundry part. One of the first things we bought after the move out west was our own washer and dryer. I tell you, it's heaven. No more lugging laundry downstairs, no more being a slave for quarters, no more dealing with inconsiderate morons who leave their clothes in the machines for hours making it impossible for the rest of considerate people who don't do this to do our laundry.

But I digress.

The reason for the early wake-up this morning was a bizarre dream involving work. Anytime the members of N*Sync and Sting show up at the library in my dream world, I know I've been working to hard (I don't even like N*Sync! Why am I dreaming about them?).

Good news on the Little League front - via the chain of command I was able to get a meeting scheduled with some folks from the city for early Monday morning. I'm hoping they are receptive to our plight - but just in case, keep your cyber fingers crossed!

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