Monday, May 17, 2004

If anyone needs any proof on what is wrong with the state of mental health care system in the USA - just come to my library.

Go ahead I dare you.

It's a sad state of affairs really. I'm trying to remain good natured about it all - but it's hard to remain upbeat when you get a patron you know "ain't right in the head" and you can't reason with him at all. Today I had to explain that it wasn't the library's fault that the Yahoo Chat page wasn't working right. Honest! It wasn't our fault!

At least the Mad Russian hasn't demanded any more fax numbers for political heads of state.....yet.

But enough of my whining - let's talk about trashy romance novels! I'm currently working on Unleashed by C.J. Barry. As a general rule, I'm not much for futuristic/fantasy stuff, but Barry has a way of writing fast, fun plots that keep me turning the pages. If only she could pull it all together.

Our story finds the heroine slaving away at the computer one night when she answers a post on an online bulletin board. She is soon beamed aboard a space craft by the hero (the poster of the message), who needs her help in deciphering some hieroglyphics he's found on a planet far, far away.

Naturally it's not that straight-forward. The hero is stranded on this planet thanks to a defense system that shot his plane out of the sky. Then after he transports the heroine, the ship's systems go wacky and she's stranded there. There's also the Godzilla-like creatures inhabiting the planet, no replacement parts for the ship....and a band of bounty hunters after his hide. All that and an Earth woman who's making him think impure thoughts.

Unfortuately the story descends into occasional silliness. For instance, the heroine dubs the Godzilla-like creatures "Bobzillas" - because they remind her of her no-good ex, Robert. Puhleeze. But, when it isn't silly, it's been a fun ride. I'm already halfway through, and I've only devoted a couple of hours of reading time to it.

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