Saturday, May 15, 2004

I hate Little League.

Correction - I hate Little League parents.

The library where I work is next to a park. Little League games are played on Saturday - which means the parents invade library parking (including staff parking) regardless of the fact that we have signs posted.

The parents have disregarded the notices we've placed on their windshields, and apparently chewed out the former branch manager so bad she was hestitant to raise a stink.

Well I'm younger and pissier.

On Monday I'm calling Code Enforcement with the city and demanding they put someone on duty here next Saturday to ticket any Little League parent who takes up any library parking.

We've tried asking nicely. We've given them repeated reminders. Maybe they'll learn when they're slapped with a fine.

Of course, this is all assuming I can convince the city to send someone down here to patrol the area. I have my doubts.

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