Monday, April 26, 2004

This moving business is exhausting. Honestly, you people out there who move every 6 months (trust me, I know you exist - I have library patrons that have a new address every time they come in) how do you do it? I mean, does it get easier or do you just get to the point where your brain melts and you don't know any better?

Speaking of melting - Southern California is in the middle of an unseasonable heat wave. 95 degrees in April?! How wrong is that? Honestly though, I'm not finding it all that bad. After all I'm a Midwestern girl - Land Of Inhuman Humidity. Heat ain't so bad when it's dry.

Today is my first day of work, and so far I've learned one thing - I have a lot to learn. I am now among the ranks of middle management which means paperwork. Large, copious amounts of paperwork. And the bureaucracy here is a state unto itself. I'm used to knocking on my former boss's door and saying "Hey, I want to do this" and him saying "OK, sounds good." Here I need to fill out 5 forms in order to get a "bless you" after I sneeze.

Ah well, it will just take some getting used to that's all.

I've been a reading machine lately, although I suspect that will slow done now that I'm back in the Land of the Working Full Time. In recent days I've finished The Ocean Between Us by Susan Wiggs, the latest Princess Diaries book by Meg Cabot, Blue Blood by Susan McBride and For the First Time by Kathryn Smith.

Next up? Back to reviewing. TRR's editor threw some older titles my way before the move and I think I can now finally get to them.

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