Friday, April 30, 2004

Just got done overhauling my web site. It still has a sleazy Victorian bordello look to it (I love satin backgrounds), but much of the text has changed. Notable changes include a new guestbook (I wasn't satisfied with the e-mail form), and a long overdue update to the Batgirl page. So be sure to stop by and a take a look.

I also added a Blogs I Read section in my links column of my blog - so why not surf on over and check them out?

The reason for this burst of activitiy is that my DSL at home is finally hooked up! If you have the means, I cannot recommend shelling out the big bucks for this service more. It's like having your own private T3 line right in your own home. I hope my dial-up days are long behind me.

One of the perks to my new job is that I get every Friday off, so today I'm sitting around and waiting for the DirectTV man. I also need to think about doing laundry, cleaning and getting some reading in. But all in due time....

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