Tuesday, March 2, 2004

My drastic measures worked! I have broken the mini-reading slump with a Black Lace erotica read. While Pleasure's Daughter by Sedalia Johnson wasn't without faults, it still have plenty of steam to keep me turning the pages.

Our story takes place in 1750 England and finds our heroine, Amelia, traveling to her aunt's estate after the death of her father. Along the way she crosses the Marquis of Beechwood, Lucas, and he is determined to track her down and make her his. This being erotica, good ole' Lucas decides the best way about this is through humiliation and sexual conquest. Amelia runs, Lucas chases, and they both have sexual adventures along the way.

I have to say this was an interesting read if only for the fact that the author does actually write somewhat of a plot. For the most part it works, but when it comes to my particular foibles, the sex was less satisfying.

I should state up front that domination and submission do not push any kind of ick buttons for me. However, the heroine's repeated running, and her inability to take the bull by the horns, got tiresome after a while. One of the more interesting aspects of erotica is when the tables are literally turned on the dominate characters, and in this case Lucas really needed his tables turned in a big way.

The author does get around to this, but by the time it happens, it feels a little too late. There's also a rather rushed conclusion where Lucas admits he was a jack ass. Frankly, considering his behavior for the entire book, a brief few pages where he miraculous sees the error of his ways seemed a bit farfetched.

But that's just me.....

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