Tuesday, March 23, 2004

I'm tired of looking at cardboard. I'm also tired of looking around my apartment and not seeing what I've accomplished - rather all I still have left to pack. This is why I hate moving. And frankly, I'm glad it's just me and a boyfriend - not me, a husband, and 3 children. Just thinking about that scenario makes me want to run screaming through the streets.

I'm also tired of not reading. Ever since I learned I was making The Big Move, it's been near impossible for me to sit down and read. Being a guilty sort of person, instead of enjoying the luxury of reading, I start to think about all the "stuff" I still have to do. And with moving day set for April 6 - time is of the essence. So my weekends have been spent knee deep in cardboard instead of in my favorite reading chair.

However, I figure every girl needs a diversion and I'm currently working on One Dark Night by Jaid Black - as previously mentioned in my earlier blogging. So far - not bad. I'm liking the serial killer stuff and the hero shows promise. I also enjoy the way Black writes about the Dominant/submissive culture. She blessedly looks at the lifestyle from an intellectual angle, rather than taking a sensational viewpoint.

Unfortunately the heroine has done something annoying that's starting to stick in my craw. She has just met the cop hero and decided that she hates him on sight. Why? Because he doesn't believe her pyschic best friend. Nevermind that he valiantly tries to reason with both of them. Blah.

Frankly, she's just too uppity. When I want to bitch-slap a character it's never a good sign. I also find it interesting that I'm more intrigued by the pyschic best friend secondary character more than the heroine.

However the book is still young at 73 pages - so at this point, anything can still happen.

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