Tuesday, March 9, 2004

I need to have mental breakdowns more often.

I was talking to my boyfriend on the telephone last evening lamenting the fact that he's in California and I'm in Michigan. We've been living apart since October, and to be honest, it's wearing a little thin for both of us.

For those of you currently unemployed (or know someone who is), you can relate to the fact that the job market blows buffalo chips right about now. Frankly, it has only gotten worse in my neck of the woods. To make matters more interesting, I'm a public librarian, and with California's current budget crisis....well, it's not the best time to be looking for public library work.

I'm not asking much out of life. I just want my boyfriend and I to live in the same time zone and have both of us be employed. But like I said, the current state of the CA budget hadn't left me real optimistic about finding work out there, and I know for sure that my boyfriend finding any sort of work here in Michigan would be like finding the ole' needle in the haystack.

But back to the freaking out. I was settling down a bit after our phone conversation, and finishing up my current read when the phone rings. It's the (edited so my bossses don't freak out) library system. I interviewed with them back in February. Turns out they want to offer me the job!!! You're reading the blog of the newest branch manager for this library system.

All that leaves is coordinating the move, buying a new car, moving to a new place in CA closer to my job, and wrapping up things here at my current job. I gave notice today, and have slowly been breaking the news.

This is a big opportunity for me, and I'm terribly excited. Sunny California here I come!

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