Saturday, March 6, 2004

First things first - I've sleazed up my web site a bit by adding some velvet/satin backgrounds. I've probably been reading too much filth lately, which would explain why I was getting a little bored with the Victorian vibe I had going for some time.

What can I say - sometimes a girl just feels sleazy.

Now to the real news - Martha, Martha, Martha!

I should probably state up front that while I've never been a fan of Martha (anyone who makes her own wrapping paper is not to be trusted in my book), I've never reveled in hating her. Actually, I've always been a little on her side. Let me explain....

I tend to resent that powerful business women are automatically labeled bitches just because they are in a position of power. Do people automatically call Donald Trump a raging asshole? Not always. But Martha is immediately labeled as a bitch.

OK - so she is a bitch - but hello?! She would have to be. How else could she survive in a male dominated corporate world?

As for her guilt - well really now, we all knew she was guilty, it was just a matter of whether the lawyers could convince a jury of that fact.

And while Martha's foray into white collar crime doesn't come close to Enron or WorldCom - she really fudged it up for herself when she lied. Martha, darling, have you learned nothing from Bill Clinton? Richard Nixon? That was just silly. Legal and law enforcement types don't like being lied to. It tends to put them in a bad mood that now souffle can cure.

It will be interesting to see how the sentencing shakes down. I say she does get jail time, but I'll be surprised if it's more than 5 years.

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