Saturday, February 28, 2004

It seems like only yesterday when I thought anyone out in cyberspace would actually give a flying crap about my semi-coherent ramblings, and I started this blog. And judging by the hordes of comments I've been getting, no one actually does - but maybe y'all are just shy.

So happy one year anniversary to my vain little blog. How I've loved you so. Where else on the web can one read about Pete Rose being a jack ass and the latest smutty novel by Emma Holly?

Speaking of reading, I haven't been talking about it much lately, but I have been a busy little bee. Unfortunately I feel the beginnings of a slump coming on thanks to Scenes of Passion by Suzanne Brockmann and Lawless by Nora Roberts.

The Brockmann was actually an earlier effort that she dusted off, and it was published by Harlequin last year. The author probably should have kept it hidden in a desk drawer, because it ended up being my first wallbanger in a long time. Not only was the heroine a doormat, but there were a whopping 3 big misunderstandings.

The only crime the Roberts book suffered from is that it was predictable. Recently reissued by Harlequin, Lawless has the distinction of being the author's only historical western. The problem was I knew exactly where the plot was going before it even got there, and the characters weren't quite engaging enough to keep me reading.

So I'm taking drastic measures to break this slump before it's teeth sink into me. I'm pulling out an erotica novel. If that doesn't cure me, nothing will. Assuming I don't change my mind, expect a future blog on Pleasure's Daughter by Sedalia Johnson.

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