Tuesday, February 24, 2004

I'm back from sunny California, and I think I've finally gotten my desk here at work back to some sort of manageable state. It hasn't been an easy task I assure you. Contrary to popular belief, librarians do actually "do stuff" at work and do not sit behind a desk reading all day. Having been away for a week, my desk resembled a leftover prop from the movie Twister (actually the less said about that piece of cinema the better).

I had a grand time while out west, as while I did have meetings and interviews to scurry off to, I also found time for some fun. If you like to read romances I cannot recommend the wonderful New & Recycled Romances in Costa Mesa enough. For traditional regency and Harlequin readers, this store is Mecca. Also notable, the entire shelving unit full of Harlequin Historicals - which happen to be some of my favorite books.

I also somehow managed to survive the traffic, which outside of getting caught in rush hour one day, wasn't too awful. However, if you ever hear a Californian gripe about the gas prices (over $2/gallon while I was there) ask them what kind of car they drive. If it's a jacked-up pick-up truck or SUV - tell them to shut their pie hole. I thought for sure I was going to be staying in Honda Heaven, what with the 3 hour commutes some people are driving, but the highways were filled with Suburban Assault Vehicles. It was a soccer mom nightmare. And Hummers? What has Arnold wrought on that state?

My rant on unnecessarily large automobiles aside, I had a great time. Still, it's not all bad being back home. Now that I'm no longer living out of a suitcase, I can burrow back into my apartment, wallow in my hermit-like tendencies, and pet all the new books I bought.

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