Thursday, January 15, 2004

Well it's been over a week since my last blog entry. I wish I had a decent excuse - but I'm afraid it's just me being brain-dead as usual.

I'm home early from work today thanks to a sour stomach that set in sometime last night. I'm not sure what it is. Most likely stress, but I think my exhaustion level might have something to do with it too.

A couple of e-mails have come in to break up the monotony however - both from romance authors. Pamela Clare was nice enough to send me a cover flat of her upcoming release (which is lovely by the way) after she stumbled upon my web site, and Karen Harbaugh sent a very nice note via TRR's editor thanking me for my review of her December 2003 book.

The note from Ms. Harbaugh was especially nice because she really seemed to appreciate the fact that I "got" the underlying themes she was putting across in the book.

Being a reviewer isn't always the easiest job - especially in genre fiction. More often than not we're accused of having our heads up our butts. I certainly don't like everything I read, but I hope in my reviews that I convey exactly why a book didn't work for me. So it's nice when someone gives us a little pat on the back.

Speaking of reading - I'm in the middle of a January Silhouette Intimate Moments book - Can You Forget? by Melissa James. It's sort of mixed bag I'm afriad. This Australian author sure can write interesting characters, and the sexual tension is oodles of fun - but I'm feeling like I missed the boat and am trying to catch up in a dingy.

There's quite a bit of backstory which just isn't explained. This is book 2 in a series, and it reads like a book 2. Heck, even the villain of the story is more concerned with the couple from book 1 than the couple in book 2 (and they're the ones trying to bring him down).

But James has me turning the pages, plus she's tossed in two of my favorite themes in romance! Not only is this a best-friends-to-lovers book, but it also features a reunited theme.

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