Friday, December 5, 2003

There's something slightly twisted about running errands at 7AM.

Before my morning commute I managed to run to the post office, bank, grab breakfast and hit the grocery store all before 8AM. No wonder I feel as if I'm going to pass out at my keyboard at any moment.

I haven't gotten much reading done this week, because once again I'm reading a review book that's leaving me cold. Ricochet by Nancy Baker Jacobs is a suspense novle with a decent suspense thread. Too bad the heroine is a complete waste of space.

Annabel married her husband when she got pregnant with her 1-year-old son, Nicky. When he vanishes into thin air, she's baffled. For you see, even though she has been married to this man for over a year, she knows nothing about him. Nothing of his family, little of his formative years, and get this - she doesn't really know what he does for a living!! All she knows is that he puts money in her checking account every month.

What an idiot. I mean, the guy doesn't even lie to her (Hey baby, I'm a secret agent man) - he just doesn't tell her. And what does she do? Nothing. Doesn't even question the guy.

Frankly even though she's innocent, she's so clueless I can't help hoping the cops will just arrest her anyway. It's got to be a crime to be this moronic.

However, the suspense thread is decent, and there are some interesting secondary characters looking for the missing husband. I also find it amusing that the husband's name is Dylan Baez - his hippy mother named him after her favorite protest singers. Makes me extremely glad my parents weren't hippies - or else I could be named Rainbow or Flower.....

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