Sunday, December 21, 2003

I was pretty pissed off earlier this week when I realized that the Bills/Dophins game was going to be televised in my region.

I know - normally I would be rejoicing, but alas I had a baby shower to attend today. And not just any baby shower I could schlep off - but a baby shower for a woman I've known since I was 4 years old. So, since I like Cari a whole lot, and this is her first little bundle of joy - I figured I could miss the Bills.

I justified this to myself. They're playing in Buffalo! There will be blizzard-like conditions! And the Dolphins always suck in December! And well, the Bills are suckin' it up too - so it's probably going to be a fugly game!

Give me 5 minutes I can justify the hell out of anything.

Anywho - I did get to watch part of the first quarter and by the time I left the apartment I was blessing Cari for having her baby shower today. There is no way I could have watched all of the 20-3 disaster without fishing out the bottle of Jack sitting in my freezer.

I'm almost strictly a wine drinker these days - but with the way Buffalo has been this season the hard liquor has almost been like life blood.

Dismal boys - just dismal.

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