Thursday, December 4, 2003

I think I've finally digested all of Thanksgiving dinner, just in time for me to finish my Christmas shopping.

I'm actually almost done. I only have my parents, older sister, and my boyfriend to take care of. I pretty much know what I'm doing for all of them, except my parents. My mother is impossible to shop for. She's one those "Oh, I don't need anything" people. When I do get a list from her it has like 3 things on it.

Now my father - easy to shop for, even if he still hasn't sent his list out. If all else fails, a CD or DVD works for him.

So far my favorite gift I've gotten anyone is my brother-in-law's. So Josh, even though I forgot to send you a birthday card - your Christmas present will more than make up for it (in my ever so humble opinion).

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