Monday, December 15, 2003

Here's a public service announcement for any of you cyber-gals with Turkish boyfriends. All you have to say to get them out of bed in the morning is "They caught Saddam!"

My younger sister is cohabiting with a nice, smart, and likeable Turkish guy - and she said she's never seen him move so fast as when she woke him up with the news on Sunday morning.

And while I don't believe in populating my blog with too much political "stuff" I will say it's nice that America has finally caught the monster we helped to create. Let's not forget our government gave Saddam all kinds of goodies when we were more ticked off with Iran. Doesn't seem all that long ago does it?

I don't believe in isolationism - but cripes, could we stop funding rebels with weapons and military know-how already! It always comes back to bite us in the butt. Isn't it interesting that we also helped create Osama when we gave all that help to the Afghans when they were fighting off those evil Soviets in the 1980s.

But enough of that - I can't seem to get any reading done of the weekends. This weekend was no exception, since I spent Saturday finishing my Christmas shopping. I am now officially done - except that I need to buy one more roll of wrapping paper.

Sunday was spent out at my parents' house, and those crappy NFL games that were televised in my region actually turned out to be pretty darn interesting. Who knew the Browns would make Denver work for that win - and the Green Bay/San Diego game got pretty wild there for a few minutes.

However in true form, the Lions proved once again just how embarrassing they can be. Could somebody get poor Joey Harrington a receiver who can catch the ball already? And how about teaching some of those guys how to tackle? Wrap them up already boys!

I did start a new book last night - Night Fires by Karen Harbaugh. Pretty interesting so far. Not only does it take place during the French Revolution, but the heroine is a vampire. Still too early to tell, but so far there's a nice, gothic atmosphere that's keeping me interested.

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