Wednesday, December 31, 2003

And the hits just keep on comin'.....

My 94-year-old grandmother passed away last night. So as soon as I get word this afternoon on the arrangements, I'll be hopping in a car with at least one of my sisters for a drive down to Ohio.

My grandmother lived with my family for a good many years, and I find it almost a fitting tribute that I'm sick right now. My mother is a nurse and worked night shift at one of the local hospitals while I was growing up. When I was home sick from school, it was grandma who made me soup, toast and hot tea while we watched The Price Is Right.

On a brighter note - Happy New Year to all you web surfers out there. Celebrate safely, and may our 2004 be filled with nothing but happiness and good cheer. Actually, I'm just hoping for no more news for a while. Between one sister getting pregnant, the other sister getting engaged, and my grandmother's passing, I'm full up on "news" at the moment.

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