Sunday, November 9, 2003

What can I say - I've been on vacation! And I've been soaking up as much lazy time as humanly possible.

So what does a swingin' chick like myself do with copious amounts of free time? Read too much of course! I've been off from work since Thursday and I've managed to plow through 2.5 books. I know - I have no life.

Well I finished A Thoroughly Modern Princess - and the less said about that the better. Trust me, it didn't improve. The heroine's teeth-grinding behavior towards the end of the novel actually made the whole thing worse (if you can believe that).

Next up was a futuristic romance, Unraveled by C.J. Barry. While the story was quite a bit of fun (an intergalatic treasure hunt), the cliche characters put a damper on the romance. If I never read another romance heroine who thinks she's "bad" at sex because her only partner told her she was "frigid" I'll be a completely content woman.

And just a few moments ago - I finished Shotgun Wedding by Maggie Osborne. I can always count on Osborne to give me unconventional and real characters. She doesn't disappoint here - but I had a hard time with the heroine. While I wouldn't classify her as "too stupid to live" she just didn't stop and think - if that makes any sense. However the hero was a dream! I am in love with this fictional character - like how sad is that? If any of my romance reading buds stumple across this entry - Jesse Harden is a prime example why I love the beta hero :-)

Well it is obscenely late out here in the Midwest - and while I don't have to be work tomorrow, a girl does need her beauty sleep.

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