Monday, November 24, 2003

I love living in the Midwest. If the weather isn't agreeing with you, wait 5 minutes and it will inevitably change. After mild temperatures yesterday (I acutally went for a walk in the morning with just a sweatshirt on), we have snow today. Should make my commute home interesting since it always takes the morons a few snow days to remember how to drive in it.

I'm still slogging through The Duchess Diaries by Mia Ryan. A mere 160 pages to go and I'm ready to do the happy dance. Assuming I don't allow myself to get distracted this evening I should have it wrapped up tonight.

I was able to watch the Bills/Colts game yesterday, and while I was swearing up and down that it would be a blood bath - imagine my surprise when Buffalo actually scored a pair of touchdowns. However, I was a bit on the tired side and ended up falling asleep on the couch during the final minutes of the game. This was likely a blessing since Buffalo blew their lead and the Colts came out victorious 17-14.

Sigh - it's been a long season.

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