Monday, October 20, 2003

I've been slightly annoyed since Saturday because my free e-mail account at Netscape went on the fritz. I couldn't send or receive anything - and when I did try to send I got a lovely generic error message to "try back later."

Since I refuse to pay for tech support on a free e-mail account (which Netscape does), I opted to just open up a new account at Yahell - ahem - Yahoo. This meant switching everything over.

I've found myself using my free web-based e-mail for more things these days. If I can't tie it into my library job - it goes through my free account. Among other things, I use it for book reviewing, listservs and the e-mail form at my web site.

I had a busy weekend. I babysat my niece on Saturday who later told her mother that Aunt We-We was "fun." High praise from an almost 2-year-old indeed. I also spent some time with my younger sister who was in town visiting.

I did little to no reading this weekend. I did finish Ranger's Wild Woman by Tina Leonard on Friday - but then didn't pick up another book until my lunch break today. On the agenda for this evening? Reading more of May The Best Man Die by Deborah Donnelly.

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