Tuesday, September 16, 2003

WooHoo! Nip/Tuck night!

I just realized something today though - Dr. Sean had a younger daughter when this show first started and I haven't seen the child around in weeks (she's grade school age). Maybe the writers just haven't found out what to do with her yet? Maybe they're just going to pretend she was "a dream" and that she never existed? Or maybe they'll give her SORAS (Soap Opera Rapid Aging Syndrome) and there will be another dysfunctional teenager mucking up the works.

Speaking of soap operas - I'm reading Loaded by Shari Shattuck at the moment. Ms. Shattuck is an actress who's list of credits include some B movies and a 3-year stint on The Young & The Restless as Ashley Abbott (she may have been my favorite Ashley). And for my family's benefit - Oh My God! She's married to Ronn Moss AKA that big hunk of cheese, Ridge, on The Bold & The Beautiful!

Back to Loaded - it's a pretty interesting book. It's kind of like a crime/noir/suspense novel for women. The heroine is a wealthy heiress who has to shoot a man in self defense during the first chapter. As the mystery unravels - it appears that someone is out to silence her - probably one of the myriad of people who have been contesting her dead father's will for the last 2 years - a will that left everything to her.

Our fair heroine, Cally, is a little hard to like - mainly because she's made keeping people at a distance an Olympic event. Unfortunately that cuts both ways - while she's hedging her bets with a very yummy police detective, she's also hedging them with the reader. The first person narrative helps some - but I still feel like I'm on the outside looking in at times.

Fast read though - and there are flashes of brilliance.

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