Thursday, September 4, 2003

WooHoo! Day off tomorrow! Of course I got Friday off because I have to work Saturday, but for now I'm all WooHooing it up. Saturday will likely find me whiny and surly.

NFL starts tonight - and while I plan to avoid the Britney Spears "show" before the game, Miss Aretha singing the Star Spangled Banner should be a treat. Actually I'm kind of hoping that Aretha and Mary J. get in a smack down with that no-talent excuse Britney - but that seems pretty unlikely, even if it is the stuff that dreams are made of.

The start of the football season also signals the start of my annual rumble with my boyfriend. This will mark the 5th year (I'm pretty sure it's the 5th) that we have "called" the games. We use a spread system - for instance I think the Jets will win by 3 tonight. I have this irritational hatred for the Redskins - and I'm not ready to count Vinny out yet. Dan will probably go with the Skins - which will make the spread pick irrelevant.

I have to redeem myself this season. Dan kicked my a** last season. It was really embarrassing. I lost by like 20 games. Now the season before I did awesome. I whomped him by like 10 games - which I think is pretty good for a girl. And when one takes into account that the girl is also a librarian - well it's astounding isn't it?

Wish me luck.

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