Monday, September 8, 2003

Well I naturally didn't get to watch the Bills/Patriots game on Sunday. Sure enough I was stuck with the Lions/Cardinals and Colts/Browns as my options (both were snooze fests). However, that is why God created Sportscenter - and I have to say that there is no way I will ever get sick of watching Big Sam Adams run that fumble in for a touchdown.

I got a slew of reading done this weekend and finished up Between Friends by Debbie Macomber. What a book! I swear to you gentle blog reader that I got misty-eyed on more than one occasion. While it wasn't an entirely perfect book (there were certain plot developments that were glossed over) - it is easily the best book I have read in ages. Very memorable - and one that I will be recommending to various library patrons.

After reading an emotional book like BF - I decided I needed fluff, so I picked up The Rich Girl Goes Wild by Leah Vale. This is a happy little Harlequin about a wealthy heiress trying to bury herself (and past hurts) by devoting her time to being the family social secretary. When her brother's former college roommate, a billionaire in his own right, comes to town posing as a little ole' nobody - well he decides that the heroine needs to loosen up a bit. Nice sexual tension thus far - and even if I normally don't go for gazillionaire characters these two have been a pleasant enough diversion thus far.

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