Tuesday, September 2, 2003

Hope everyone had a nice, relaxing holiday weekend. Our last grasp of summer here in the midwest brought rain all day on Monday - whatever. I actually spent most of Sunday and Monday holed up in my apartment avoiding the outside world. It was quite refreshing.

Labor Day also signals the death of summer hours where I work. This means that every Tuesday night, yours truly is at the office until 8PM. This is a tad tedious - although I don't actually have to show up until 11:30AM. I get a lot of reading done on Tuesday mornings in exchange.

Tonight is Nip/Tuck night. I am so addicted to this show - it's kind of sad actually. To my credit, I watch very little TV these days. Most of the time the boyfriend has it tuned on sports or a movie - neither of us is terribly moved by the current crop of sitcoms and hour-long dramas. Don't even suggest reality TV - I pride myself on having some semblance of taste thank you.

Speaking of sports - the NFL season kicks off on Thursday, which means cheering on my favorite team, the Buffalo Bills. I'm not terribly optimistic this season, as I'm not convinced the organization has fixed the defense problem (we basically didn't have one last season). My prediction for this season? The Bills go 9-7. I'm pretty set with my opinion, but the AFC East is a nightmare division - so really anyone could win it - including the Bills.

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