Monday, September 22, 2003

Depressing. Really, really depressing. That's about all I can come up with to describe last nights' Miami Dolphins/Buffalo Bills game. My first televised Bills game of the season, and it turns out like that. To be fair to my boys - Miami's defense came to play, and who can possibly stop Ricky Williams when he carries the ball like 500 times (OK - so it was around 40 something).

Haven't been reading too much lately, but I really need to light a fire under my butt since I drew the straw for Shadow Game by Christine Feehan. For those of you who don't move in romance reading circles - Feehan has this series featuring vampire hunters that fans are just ga-ga over (including a handful of my library patrons). I tend to not do vampires, so Feehan is completely new to me.

Shadow Game features psychic characters. There seems to be this growing trend in romance novels for psychics, and after a few Kay Hooper novels I found myself a little tired of the idea. Still, Shadow Game is quite good - and the hero is a major hottie - so what's not to like about that? Now all I need to do is sit my butt down and getting some reading done.

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