Tuesday, August 12, 2003

I swear if Blogger changes their interface one more time - I'm likely to scream my fool head off.

Anywho, it's been an interesting couple of days here at work. We had hacker problems on Monday (what kind of pathetic excuse do you have to be to hack into a library?), and I came in this morning to discover our fax machine went to electronic heaven. It will be interesting to see what falls from the sky tomorrow.

My mother had partial knee replacement surgery yesterday - and is currently having fun with a morphine pump at the hospital. She was a little on the woozey side and in quite a bit of pain when I stopped by to see her yesterday. If everything goes well she should be home this evening - keep your cyber-fingers crossed!

I'm working on Tape 10 of Harry Potter #5 - and it's getting really good! I have decided that I am madly in love with Snape. I know - I'm completely sick and should probably have my head examined. I just keep seeing Alan Rickman in my head though....

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