Tuesday, July 22, 2003

So I attended my 10th year high school reunion on Saturday - and it wasn't nearly as painful as it could have been. In fact, I had a very nice time and caught up with a lot of folks. Got to see quite a few cute kid pictures, found out who was getting married, who was getting divorced, and who was still too smart for their own good.

I spent most of the evening hanging out in the parking lot with the guy I walked with during the graduation ceremony. A starving artist, Nate spends his time playing in a punk band and drawing/writing his own comic books. I keep hoping he'll make it big with his art, because I saved all the cute little pictures he used to draw me of "Bob The Talking Goldfish" (don't ask - it's too warped) when we suffered through science classes together. I told him I have big plans of auctioning them off to the highest bidder - so he better get a move on!

I also got to take a look at a poster all the students signed back in 1993 predicting where we would be in 2003. Yours truly wrote that I was going to be a "Library Diva!" I know, isn't that a stitch?

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