Wednesday, July 9, 2003

Na Na Na Na Na Na Na Na - I say it's my birthday! Na Na Na Na Na Na Na Na - Happy Birthday to me!

My apologies to both Lennon and McCartney - and just for kicks George and Ringo as well.

Yes gentle blog readers - on this day 28 years ago my mother was probably cursing out my father and vowing that he would never touch her again. Sorry mom for being 2 weeks late (hey, I had a good thing going on - free room, board, a water bed!) and sorry dad for making you miss the church softball game. I'm sure they missed your heavy hitting.

I have the day off work - thanks to a policy that says every employee gets a paid holiday on their birthday. YeeHaw! Right now I'm sitting in my bedroom in my nightshirt, sipping my morning cup of Earl Grey and plotting the rest of my day.

On the agenda? I want to get some reading in. I have plans to start Wilde Thing by Janelle Denison which looks like it may be a steamy summer read. I also need to get my hair cut and my glasses readjusted (they are killing me!).

I wasn't going to go to the used book store - but when my boyfriend asked if that was what I was going to do this morning I though "Oh what the hell." So I'll probably make a pit stop.

Happy Birthday to me indeed.

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