Wednesday, July 2, 2003

I'm so excited! Four day weekend here I come! La la la la la!

I was able to juggle my schedule so that today is my last day of work until next Monday. Color me lucky - I can hardly believe my good fortune.

So what do I plan to do with these four days? Well I have a doctor's appointment tomorrow. I'd also like to squeeze in some shopping and a hair cut sometime. I also have plans to spend some time with my younger sister who is now officially home for one month. I want to share the wealth of my trashy book collection. The poor girl can't be without some smut to read while she's home now can she?

On the 4th I plan to commemorate the day when a bunch of rich white guys decided they didn't want to pay taxes anymore (OK - so I'm simplifying it just a tinch) by heading back to my hometown for the day. I'll attend the annual parade (complete with candy throwing, fire trucks, and Shriners) and gorge myself at the annual chicken bbq afterwards. I'm telling ya, it would make Norman Rockwell proud.

My Detroit Tigers beat the Toronto Blue Jays again last night - thoroughly ticking off my boyfriend. However, I think the fun and games are over for the Tigs tonight - as the Blue Jays are starting pitcher Roy Halladay.

Speaking of my boyfriend - he is convinced that the Tigers will be just below 500 for the second half of the season. You read it here first folks!

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