Tuesday, July 29, 2003

I was in the mood for a new 'do. How do y'all like the new look? It also appears the Blogger has changed their interface yet again, and I was able to recover some archives that were momentarily sucked into cyberspace. Hopefully everything is back to normal - well as normal as things go around here.

I am literally doing the happy dance (it's not pretty I can assure you). Yesterday marked the last day that I would be traveling among 3 different libraries. Since I had been "on the road" since late April - to have the end in sight was like a weight lifted off my shoulders. Now if I could only get caught up here at the home office, life would be perfect.

I'm off tomorrow, which means I plan to spend my morning with a pot of Earl Grey tea and my latest read - Thunder Creek by Jill Gregory. Of course I should seriously consider doing laundry, cleaning my bathroom, and giving the kitchen a good scrubbing - but how depressing does that sound? Too depressing in my humble opinion - the tea and reading idea sounds much more refreshing.

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