Tuesday, July 1, 2003

I am really tired. So tired that I'll probably pass out at my keyboard at any moment and start drooling. Praise be all the saints that my last work day for this week is Wednesday.

My Detroit Tigers actually won last night - beating the Toronto Blue Jays. I know, whoop diddy do right? Well I happen to live with a Blue Jays fan, and while he's realistic on how good his team actually is (crappy pitching for the most part, amazing bats), I think it still yanked his chain that they lost to the Tigers.

I also sticks in his craw that the Yankees are leading the division - which I can't really blame him there. A 3 game sweep of the Tigers would have really helped out. Too bad my boys played a good offensive game for once (it was bunting mania!), and Torres had this spectular catch out in right field. It warmed my heart.

My baby sister (OK, so she's 24) is flying home this evening to spend a whole month with the family. A teacher by occupation, she lives in sunny Florida and is coming home in time to enjoy our small town's annual July 4th festivities and my birthday - which is fast approaching.

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