Monday, June 16, 2003

Well I finally finished Bad Moon Rising by Katherine Sutcliffe over the weekend and really loved it. This book had everything. A nicely done romance centered around the theme of redemption (my personal fave), a gruesome serial killer, some seriously whacked out secondary characters, and a suspense thread that kept cooking all the way to the end. I really need to drop the author a note and tell her how much I adored this book.

Next up is The Forever Kiss by Thea Devine. As I've expounded on several times in this blog - I adore Devine. OK - so her stories have no redeemable qualities to them whatsoever. But who wants redeemable qualities when there's convoluted suspense threads and oodles of sex? I'm a little cautious going into this one though as she's treading back into vampire territory. I couldn't get past page 50 of her last foray into Vampire Land (Sinful Secrets).

Hope all the daddies out there had a nice Father's Day. I am currently daughter of the year. I got my old man all 4 Harry Potter books on audio, and have #5 on order for him. I got Dad hooked on audios after he took a new job with a lengthy commute. I swear he's pestering me almost as much as the kids at work when it comes to Harry.

And to be fair - I'm just as rabid about getting my hands on #5.....

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