Tuesday, June 10, 2003

Oh My God! I am reading the best book right now. Seriously, I think I may have to quit my job, call in dead - something - anything - so I can get more reading time in.

What book is making me froth at the mouth? Bad Moon Rising by Katherine Sutcliffe.

For those of you who do not orbit the romance novel universe, let me give you a little background here. Sutcliffe got her start writing historical romances - which I have read none. Bad Moon Rising is her second foray into romantic suspense and all I can say is - Ms. Sutcliffe don't go back to historicals! If her latest is any indication of what she can do with a suspense book - some publisher somewhere needs to be offering this woman a hardcover deal - and fast!

What makes this book so good? Well for starters there is a suitably creepy serial killer who's got this thing for mutilating hookers. Mix in our hero - a former assistant district attorney for New Orleans who's been on a bender ever since said serial killer murdered his family. Stir in our heroine - a former hooker back in town after a hysterical phone call from a friend; a friend who has now gone missing. Sprinkle liberally with the dysfunctional members of the hero's extended family (a former beauty queen, an a-hole brother, a surly teenage boy) and viola! Wendy wants to quit her job and her life to read full time.

I'm only on page 87....


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