Tuesday, June 3, 2003

I was so excited about the idiot-college-boys moving out yesterday that I was remiss in mentioning that my Detroit Tigers screwed up Roger Clemens' 300th win. Yippeee!

I hate the New York Yankees. I mean, I passionately hate them. I consider them "The Evil Empire" and that any player they buy away from any and all small market teams has "crossed over to the dark side." Now some of you misguided web denizens may find my irrational hatred for the Yanks....well....irrational, but one must remember I grew up in the Midwest. Hating the Yankees is as American as apple pie, July 4th, and gas-guzzling pick-up trucks.

I was mightily annoyed because everyone (and I mean everyone) assumed that it was a foregone conclusion that Clemens would get #300 against my Tigers. Now I am nothing but an optimist - Tigers fans have to be - and I know my boys aren't all that good this year.

OK they suck eggs. However they are a young team and they are starting to play better. Honest - they are.

Now I figured the Yanks would beat my Tigers (although I was praying otherwise) and sure enough they did - in the 17th inning! But by that point my Tiggers had tied the game and screwed it all up for Rog.

I'm telling you, it warmed my heart.

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