Thursday, June 19, 2003

I had the day off work yesterday because of an eye doctor's appointment. When I took my current job - which comes with staring at a computer monitor for 8 hours a day under the hum of flourscent lighting - my eye sight started going downhill. Even though I got new glasses less than a year ago, I'm starting to get migraines again. So I hightailed it back to my doctor only to learn that my eyes hadn't gotten too bad - my distance vision has gotten worse is all. So I'm currently waiting for new lenses to come in.

As for the migraines? Well, it's probably just stress - my answer for any mysterious ailment.

I'm at the halfway mark of The Forever Kiss by Thea Devine. Ugh. It's not hideous - but it's completely convoluted, even by Devine standards. There's two guys running around pretending to be the same guy, a horny heroine who lacks any sort of credible motivation, an evil mother figure, and mysterious dead bodies that have been drained of all their blood. Even worse? Hardly any naughty sex scenes! The horrors!

It's definitely not the worst I've read by this author - but it's not the best by a long shot either. I'm still waiting for the day when she publishes another gem like Desired. Man - was that a great book. Completely filthy, with a soap opera plot fit for Heather Locklear. When it was reprinted recently I was half tempted to buy another copy - even though I already own it. That's saying something.

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