Friday, June 13, 2003

Ahhh, blessedly beautiful Friday.

I'm still reading Bad Moon Rising by Katherine Sutcliffe. I knew I should have called in dead when I had the chance. Drat! I find myself on page 168 and am trying to scheme in some serious reading time this weekend so I can finish it. The suspense thread is still keeping me glued to the pages - and these characters keep surprising me, in a good way.

In Library Land, the kiddies are out of school which means 2 things. 1) Our annual summer reading program has begun and 2) we have kids camping out here for hours at a stretch. I'm talking like 4 hours at a time folks.

Now this wouldn't be a bad thing except many of these kids are only here because Mom and/or Dad want them out of their hair. So far we haven't had too many disciplinary problems - but the summer is still young.

It is fun though to watch the real little kids get excited about reading - the preschoolers especially. When we give them stickers and allow them to put their name up on our "Reading Honor Roll," you'd think we'd given them the moon. I had one mother tell me that her daughter wants to come to the library every day. A future librarian no doubt.

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