Friday, April 11, 2003

TGIF to all of you out in cyberspace! I for one am quite pleased that it is finally Friday. I have big plans to catch up on my sleep and get some reading done this weekend - in between all the other stuff I normally do (laundry, grocery shopping, cleaning etc.)

The Red Wings play again on Saturday - so the plan at the moment is to have friends over for the game and some BBQ. We've fired up our grill a couple of times already, but I'm thinking tomorrow will officially herald in springtime for our corner of the Midwest. I'm beginning to crave beer again - a sure sign if ever there was one that I've been bit by the Spring Fever Bug.

As I mentioned in yesterday's blogging - I'm currently reading Obsession by Penelope Neri. Besides some pacing issues that I'm having, I am enjoying the story. The heroine, Caitlynn, comes to London by way of Ireland seeking employment as a companion for Dr. Donovan Fitzgerald's ward. She has taken this job in order to find her missing cousin, who was the girl's former companion, and just up and disappeared without word to anyone. Caitlynn is very worried, and is looking for answers - but to do so, she'll have to explore London's East End, which is currently being terrorized by none other than Jack the Ripper....

Neri has a good handle on the time period and gothic atmosphere - but her pacing is a bit all over at the moment, with several leaps in the timeline in the first 50 pages alone. Also, the doctor is a little too mysterious and Caitlynn is a little too feisty. It's still early in the game though, so I'm willing to give them the benefit of the doubt.

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