Monday, April 14, 2003

Just in time for Monday, the Midwest has gorgeous weather. Not that the weekend was all that bad, but I'm currently in my windowless cubicle and it's a sunny 70 degrees outside. Bummer.

The Red Wings lost on Saturday, which kind of put a damper on our little BBQ ribfest and beer get-together. My boys are now down 2 games and play in Anaheim tonight. At 10:30PM! Doesn't the NHL know I have to work for a living? Stinking west coast time zone.

Still reading Obsession by Penelope Neri. I am so mixed on this book right now. Love the time period and think the author has done a good job with it. However, I just know where this book is going before it gets there. Probably a side effect of reading entirely too many mysteries as a teenager. I could be wrong though - it has been known to happen - so stay tuned.

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