Tuesday, April 1, 2003

Happy April 1 to all you fools out there!

April is always a welcome month in the Midwest - things start to look green again. March is dismal because after all the snow melts, everything that was buried underneath for the previous 3 months looks dead and icky. By April, there has been some rain and a little bit of sun - so the grass actually begins to resemble a shade of green. A sickly shade of green, but green nonetheless.

I got absolutely no reading done over the weekend. Shameful isn't it? I was bitten by the spring cleaning bug on Saturday - so in between loads of laundry, I gave my rented abode a good scrubbing. I even dusted my bedroom - that's how insane I was. As for Sunday - hell, I can't remember what I did Sunday. I remember going grocery shopping and to the movies - how I managed to waste the rest of my time that day is a mystery.

So I'm still working on Gossamer by Rebecca Hagan Lee - which I am enjoying. I was gung-ho on finding this book for a long time because the hero adopts 4 abandoned Chinese girls in 19th century California. My niece was adopted from China - and she's so darn cute! Hence my interest in finding this particular romance novel. I'm enjoying it immensely - although I do think our hero's brand of parenting needs some work. Oh, he's Super Dad - but he spoils the girls mercilessly - I'm expecting trouble at any moment for our fair heroine....

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